What is the deadline for submissions?

The deadline for submissions is 9 September, 2024. Late submissions will be accepted with an additional fee until 16th September, 2024.

Who can participate?

The Arts Festival is open to the entirety of QLD, provided the participant is within travel distance to the event.

How many entries can I submit?

A maximum of 5 submissions total are allowed, spread across all categories.

How do I submit my artwork?

Submissions are done online through a “Submit Now” button. You’ll fill out a form with your details and upload your artwork (photo for visuals, pdf for writing, link for film).

What are the size limitations for artwork?

Sculptures must be under 180cm (height) x 160cm (width). Paintings must be under 180cm (height) x 220cm (width). If unsure about size requirements, contact the organisers before submission.

What happens if my artwork is damaged during the exhibition?

The organisers will exercise reasonable care, but we recommend artists arrange their own insurance.

I have a question not answered here

You can contact us at this email address: We’re very approachable!

How much does it cost to enter?

There is a $10 entry fee, late submissions will have an additional charge.

How do I submit my entry?

Submissions are done online through a “Submit now” button on the main website where you can upload your work (photo for visuals, PDF for writing, link for film).

Can I exhibit my artwork at the festival?

Exhibiting is encouraged, but optional. Artists can display and sell their work during the event.

What format should my written work be in?

Written entries must be submitted in PDF format.

What happens after I submit my artwork?

Entries will be screened for eligibility and then sent anonymously to the judges.

When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced at the Tivoli Arts Awards Showcase event on 24th, 2024.

What are the prizes for each category winner?

Prizes vary by tier. Winners receive a cash prize, free entry to the Tivoli Drive In, and a Certificate of Achievement.

Is there an award for Best in Show?

There is a “Tivoli’s Choice” award chosen by the tivoli staff.

What are the different tiers for applicants?

There are three tiers: Junior (Primary School), Senior (Grade 7-12), and Open. Pieces submitted to the Junior or Senior category will also be judged in the Open category.

Are there fees when exhibiting work at the showcase?

There is no fee to exhibit, but a 20% commission will be taken on any artwork sold during the festival.

What format should my film be in?

Films must be shared through a Vimeo or Youtube link.

When can I set up my artwork for exhibition?

Artists exhibiting their work must set up on Wednesday, 4th September between 8:30am and 5:00pm.

What if my artwork sells?

A 20% commission will be taken from the sale price.

Can I enter in multiple categories?

Yes, you can enter up to 5 pieces of work in total, spread across different categories.