Welcome to the TIVOLI DRIVE-IN and Events Centre, one of South East Queensland's most unique conference & events venues.




We are committed to being a COVID SAFE family venue, so we have been busy preparing the Drive In and reviewing all our systems in line with Government COVID SAFE guidelines to ready to greet you again


1. In line with Government guidelines, we have attempted to do everything we can to ensure your health and safety – including modifying our kitchen and café procedures, and fully marking out the Car Park with numbered car park spaces – with a 2.7m car park space between vehicles to allow safe social distancing between family groups. Entry will be restricted to the first 180 vehicles (so come early – it will be “first in- first served”.


2. Ticketing will be handled at the gate with payment requested by contactless Visa or Mastercard “tap” payments in preference to cash.


3. Yummy Take Away Meals and Refreshments can be purchased from our social enterprise Café (100% of profits support local charities) using the Tivoli Drive In Café app (download instructions will be provided when you arrive at the Drive In), with non-contact delivery directly to your car in the carpark.


4. Or you can order your refreshments in the Café using our new COVIDSAFE Food Ordering form (also provided to you when you arrive at the Ticket Office) and we will deliver your order to you at your car. All Payments for refreshments at the Cafe will be cashless with only card payments.


5. As with other businesses, social distancing rules will apply across the Drive In for queueing and ordering food, or accessing the bathrooms. Social distancing markers will be located outside the Café and bathrooms to ensure safe queuing, and entry monitored to ensure that numbers are limited to 4 sq. m per person with only alternate WC booths accessible to ensure social distancing is maintained. Bathrooms will be regularly sanitised and serviced throughout the evening to ensure cleanliness.


We look forward to seeing again on Saturday – but please – if you are unwell or have COVID19 symptons PLEASE POSTPONE YOUR VISIT TO TIVOLI UNTIL YOU ARE WELL AGAIN.